Wednesday, March 20, 2013

20 March 2013

                                                        press here to see it in market place 
beautiful pot with old tree trunk and flowers and grass around it
this model by its size is 2 prims  but it is 1.5 prim , so when you will link 2 of them it will be only 3 prims
making the mesh model a bit smaller , will be 1 prim . so for smaller gardens it will be only 1 prim
mesh change his prim by sizing.
hope u will enjoy it !!

and this wooden swan head , i made and manage to make a nice sofa  with pillows ,with it .
and its only 2 prims !!

                                                     press here to see it in market place 

0.5 prim link 2 = 1 prim 
1 land impact 
low physics 
easy texturing - 8 textures areas 
mesH change prims when sizing it , so for bigger model then i added to the box it will be 1 prim 

                                                                        link to MP

new birds

                                                                   link to mp 

he is just so perfect 
look at his feet
                                                                   link to MP 

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