Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

29 MAI  2013

I have added a system to the store
now all vendors in stores are available for 20 % discount to group Members . and 5 % discount to all costumers .
the system has a point  earn , so each thing you buy will automatically  save under your names the credit you get with that you can ,, buy next item , with the discount  , or save it for when u need something ,
i will make a note about it soon , just wanted to let you all know
first floor is already set with the new vendors
 we will also have an option for gift card ,, just need time to learn  !!

i will also randomly add points :))

and few new items tomorrow , was a very busy week rl and i hope i am back on next Monday

love light

Friday, May 24, 2013

24 MAI 2013

some more underwater items
these are sea crabs
i made the textures very close to the ones you can find under waters
so for you who makes aquariums ,,,

                                                                      LINK TO MP


                                                                          LINK TO MP 

Mesh Stone Trellis pot with plant
a nice setup of trellis pot , that can be used in so many ways
all depend on the textures you are using , it can be a side pots for the wedding arch or walkways lights

1 prim by the size :
<2.493, 2.493, 3.820>

Some corals

love light 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

22 Mai 2013

i wanted to make a Bull .. and the texture was so hard ! so it took me few days
and this is the result :

it is 1 prim by the size
<2.78774, 1.74296, 1.04217>
of course when u make it bigger it will raise the prims . but also if you make it smaller , it will be posible
to make it 0.5 prim , and then linking 2 will stay 1 prim  count.
i don't know if that is the animal or the statue ,. i think it can be use both , but ,,, use your imagination and
make wonderful things with it :))

Didn't do much underwater items lately .. so here is Mesh Tree coral  in different textures .
there is  a fat pack 
and  one by one 


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

21 Mai 2013

MESH Portico
only 1 prim !!

1 prim by the size :
<3.90401, 3.78879, 3.96342>

it just look so lovely ...
i mad it bigger and it can also be a big patio and then the prims are  around 3-5 prims max

Mesh Swan Statue

its now out for sale

MESH Stone Curlew

Sunday, May 19, 2013

19 Mai 2013

Mesh elephant statue ,,
oh i had fun making its texture !!

this elephant is only 1 prim by the size :
<2.823 2.298, 1.007>

and 0.5 prim by the size :
<1.943, 1.582, 0.6939>

and here it is  and soon in store

Group gift

Mesh Floor Plant Box With Flowers

1 prim by the size :
<5.183, 2.256, 3.268>

0.5 prim by the size :
<3.242, 1.411, 1.9579>

7 Textures areas for easy Texturing

Friday, May 17, 2013

17 Mai 2013

took me a while to make it , and now it is finish
the Giraffe is  1  prim by the size :
<2.181, 2.769, 0.5384>

2 prim by the size :
<2.852, 3.621, 0.7040>

so sweet

some more !

Thursday, May 16, 2013

16 MAI 2013

 Mesh Window box with plants
it can easily used as a floor box as well
had a request from a good friend for window box , so here it is !
the model has 8 textures areas for easy texturing
it has 4 different plants models ,, and ivys .
it is 1 prim by the size
<3.347, 1.376, 2.039>
its big , so easy you can  make it smaller and link 2 of them to be 1 prim still

and of course it is on the VIP group vendors

another MESH plants box
it can be used as a window box or as a floor box
it has 8 textures areas
one pri by its size :
<1.48545, 4.40153, 1.48482>
so very very easy to ake it saller and have 2 boxes for only 1 prim

love light

60 L secret sale  :
here are my items for this week