Wednesday, May 22, 2013

22 Mai 2013

i wanted to make a Bull .. and the texture was so hard ! so it took me few days
and this is the result :

it is 1 prim by the size
<2.78774, 1.74296, 1.04217>
of course when u make it bigger it will raise the prims . but also if you make it smaller , it will be posible
to make it 0.5 prim , and then linking 2 will stay 1 prim  count.
i don't know if that is the animal or the statue ,. i think it can be use both , but ,,, use your imagination and
make wonderful things with it :))

Didn't do much underwater items lately .. so here is Mesh Tree coral  in different textures .
there is  a fat pack 
and  one by one 


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