Friday, May 10, 2013

10 Mai 2013

i made a mesh swan statue
and i like it so much
i will put it in the store as a gift for 24 hours
starting  today ,

and here it is

dont miss it!!

Palm Corner
one big palm and small ones around it
this model is only 1 prim by the size :
<4.205, 4.994, 7.145>
only 0.5 prim each by its size
<0.6746, 1.346, 1.941>
so , when u link 2 of them by the 0.5 prim size it will stay 1 prim .
it is not small !!

and of course it will be soon on the vip group board with discount

Mesh  Aloha Bench Table

very detailed
it is 2 prim by the size :
<2.018, 3.328, 1.697> 

including in the box , single  flower texture

Mesh Aloha corner with palms and table bench 

2 prim by the size :
<1.864, 3.073, 1.567>
<1.883, 2.237, 3.200>
8 Textures areas for the table
7 texture areas for the palms  

 when linking the 2 it will stay 2 prims 
the table is 2 prims and the palms are 0.5 prim, you can also use them separate  as in box are 2 objects 
 the palm can go up to very high and be 1-2 prims 

including  single flower texture 

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