Friday, May 10, 2013

How to see mesh in the best way

 sometimes WE  don't see mesh clearly from far away, or areas with lots of mesh won't fully load for me.

A. Try increasing your "Objects & Sculpts LOD" (under Preferences), and raise the number of mesh objects you can view at once by following these steps:

1. Open Advanced menu by going to Preferences > Advanced > check the "Show Advanced Menu" box

2. Go to Advanced > Debug Settings

3. In the Debug Settings window, choose "MeshMaxConcurrentRequests" from the drop down menu.

4. Change the value from the current number to 100.

You should now instantly be able to see any missing mesh items. This setting persists through logins but may reset when you install an update to your viewer.

well i did it and it is fantastic!!
love light

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