Saturday, June 29, 2013

29 June 2013

Mesh Lounger with pillows 

beautiful Lounger 
only 1 prim!! and 1 land impact 
by its size 

<3.481, 1.23, 0.6865>
it has 8 textures area for different wood textures 
added to the pack also pillows .pillows are 0.5 prim and 
when linking the 2 , the lounger will still be 1 prim .

have fun
love light 

A picture of it  I TOOK FROM A BLOG OF ONE OF US
its so amazing!!

and if u make something let me seeand i will publish it here !!!!


  1. Thank you alial, for this awesome Work!!!
    I use it in my Creations with your lovely Cornerplanter and its a dream as Set for my Beach

    Thank you so much and I hope you have many many new Ideas for us Creators cause we need such great Builder like you ♥
    Hugggggs .. Caren .. from CJ Creations

  2. thank you!!!! and i was so happy to see what you have created there with them , so amazing!!keep on the great work!!