Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fish Tank+Terrain+Crab+Starfish+Corals+plants 

This pack is fully ready for you to make a fish tank 
and it is only 4 prims !!
by the size about <1.864, 3.372, 4.110>

pack includes :
Mesh fish tank
Mesh terrain
Mesh plants - including boat shape and tree branches 
Mesh crab - texture on mesh object 
Mesh starfish - texture on mesh object 
2 different mesh corals  - texture on mesh object 
beside the items i mentioned pack does not include other textures .

6 Textures areas -Aquarium
8 Texture areas - plants 
1 texture area - terrain

This pack is very low prim , and each item is  high LOD and low physics 

Some of the plant textures i used  i took from the site of linda kellie for free and modified them 

here is a link to her free textures - press me 

What ever i took for free from this site and even if i modify i will place in my store soon for free .

Mesh Fish Tank + Mesh Terrain 

MESH Aquarium + mesh terrain 
this model is 1 prim by the size 
<1.664, 3.02, 3.641>

it has 6 texture areas 
and does not include textures 

Sculpted Ceiling  Bumpy Rocks 

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