Sunday, April 14, 2013

14 April 2013

 MESH Copper Top Pyramid Vines Trellis

ohh i had fun making this one !!!

again vines and now on a trellis.  the front is  open so that u can add something and all around is vines vines
i am corrently making the vines textures and hoping that the pack  will be ready soon

love light

Link to MP

A New way of mesh plant
 This mesh is only 0.5 prim . it has the option for 8 different textures , personally i think one texture on a field is nice but i added that option, because it can also be  used as alot of different flowers near a house for example , and not just a field  no alpha collision.
By beeing 0.5 prim . u can link 2 of these and it will stay 1 prim , by its size or just make it bigger to have it 1 prim .

Link to MP

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