Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30 April 2013

Some nice birds

Crane Bird

                                                                     Link to MP 

And this beautiful  Stork Bird

                                                                         Link to MP 

and you can also buy the  both of them in discount price

                                                                             Link to MP

and stork bird  with and without legs

                                                                      Link to MP 

Rocks with flowers Growing between them
pile of rocks with flowers

This model is only 2 prims !!
its size is  (3.6,3.6,1.2)
it has a bush or small trees on the back and grass and flowers on and around.

                                                                 LINK TO MP

Sparrow bird

i added feet mesh to the box so that the bird can look more natural  ,and that you can place it
where  u wish on your build .
and also if you wish to animate the bird .

0.5 prin each
each feet -0.5
so .. bird without feet ... link 2 will be 1 prim
with feet : link 2 will be 3 prims

                                                            Link to MP 

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