Friday, July 19, 2013

19 JULY 2013

Mesh Spiral Climbing ivy Flowers

i was asked to make more flowers models without anything attach to them ,, so here is my new release for today 
 in the box 2 different spiral models in different spiral shape 

models are :

1 prims by the size 
<2.019, 2.079, 7.161>
1 prims by the size 
<2.246, 1.901, 6.690>

2 textures areas in each 
does not include textures 

love light 

Mesh Pot with plant 

0.5 prims by the size 
<4.417, 4.417, 7.247>

link 2 of same size will be 1 prim 

or make it bigger will be one prim 

6 Texture areas

Does not include textures 

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