Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Product :

Realistic Moving Menu Driven Fish YOU CONTROL 

Introducing our new line of realistic moving fish , menu controlled ,continual realistic Movements
and simple set up.
this is a combined work of months of script work and mesh creation , to give you fantastic fish.
these fish are set up with a simple menu and minor editing, simply move to each point , save till you have each move done and once finished save and watch them go.

 These arent the fish you see with the annoying random script where you set points and it goes to whatever one it feels like , it goes on the path you made every time, around plants rocks whatever, it will never change, and you can redo it whenever you like, and the movement is continuous, so it looks real, all fish are copyable and resizable to fit your needs. 

If you use more then one fish , you only need one base for all the fishes .

Good for any water, linden water aquariums ponds etc.
 if you would like to see the script  live come to  the landmark pixel dreams and see them in our indoor half sim aquarium.

SO this is what i was also busy with last weeks .
Many ppl just want to use the fish in their homes and sims , and together with Pixel Dreamz Aquatics and fantasy china , we made this new amazing setup with the script to make ur second life a lot nicer!!

to see the fishes u can fallow the link to Pixel Dreamz Aquatics

and in fantasy china vendors

Mesh Chinese Lanterns

nice mesh set of  4 lanterns in a row .

0.5 prim by  the size 

<1.027, 4.0121, 1.200> (made mistake in box poster lol )
link 2 of same size will be 1 prim 

or make it bigger will be one prim 

1 prim by the size 

<1.520, 5.934, 1.358>

4 Textures areas 
Does not include textures 


Material Texture Rock & Mossy textures 

MY first try to make these textures and here it is for you group members 
remember for now the material texture can be used only in sl viewer .
but we have hopes that firestorm will come with it asap!!
so be the first to have it 
if u want to see it log to sl and fallow the instructions in the note:

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